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Feb. 25th, 2020

[info]fastmouth in [info]valarnet

So this is Orange County, huh? Tell me what's good. The crazier the better. I'm not even joking, I want to know all the weird random shit that they don't tell you in the tourism guides.

I have a real short attention span so bear that in mind.

Feb. 24th, 2020

[info]flyboydameron in [info]valarlogs

Who: Poe Dameron & Caleb Danvers
When: Backdated: End of January
Where: Pandemonium
What: The dreams are driving Poe to drink
Rating/Warnings: Family Friendly
Status: Complete

Anyone else come in talking about dreams? )

[info]lucky_no9 in [info]valarnet

Okay, well, things are getting interesting.

More powers and not exactly sure how to control them.

Accidentally smashed my alarm clock turning it off and I’m pretty sure I can hear animals talking.

[info]immortalmagnus in [info]valarnet

So we're looking to fill a few positions at Pandemonium and I thought I'd mention it here first to see if anyone would be interested. We're looking for another barback or two as well as security/a bouncer and a new assistant manager. And we can always use more bartenders as well. For anyone who is not familiar with Pandemonium, it's one of Orange County's Top 10 Gay Clubs. If anyone is interested, you can reply here or contact my husband or I. [Club Phone Number].

[info]witchgirl in [info]valarnet

One of the reasons I bonded so much with Nico and Will's dogs so much when I met them, I think, is because I always wanted a pet of some kind. Mom... wasn't a fan. Cats, dogs, and rabbits all shed and birds were too noisy. And... then she started going all over the US to film her show, and we wouldn't be able to take a pet with us. So when I met Cesare and then Ziggy, I fell absolutely in love with them. How could I not? They were so sweet.

I still always wanted my own baby one day. And today... Nico came home with this adorable sphynx kitten. He claims he just found her. He always knew I wanted a house goblin one day, so that was very convenient. Still, I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth. ...Gift goblin, whichever.

Anyway, I want all of you to meet Nefertiti.

cut for space )

[info]filiampandora in [info]valarnet

Anybody on here good at changing locks? That’s the one project I never did get around to finishing on my to do list and now I think my brain is just too fried to figure out the directions that came with the one I bought. And I really don't want to have to call a locksmith if I can avoid it. Or ask my sister with her just moving in

[info]princetamaki in [info]valarnet

So in order to keep strangers off our property to prevent them from harassing the animals here we have to get a sign and post it that there's no trespassing allowed? We have to let people know that we weren't allow them to break the law by coming on our property uninvited? It's against the law!

[info]angelsbreath in [info]valarnet

So I laid down to take a nap this afternoon and fell into a Dream about what happened after I ran away from my cousin at the camp. I ran off into the woods, which are full of monsters and I don't have a weapon there, and find the entrance to the Labyrinth. Yeah you read that right - The Labyrinth from mythology. Well I didn't find it so much as my clumsy self fell into the entrance but I made it through okay, found a path to the Underworld and my dad's realm and that's where I got my sword.

Which explains why it drains Will if he touches it but doesn't affect Hazel or I - if anybody other than a child of Hades/Pluto touches it it will drain their life force because it's made from Stygian iron.

[info]rejection in [info]valarcomm

Texts to Simon Lewis and Isabelle Lightwood )

[info]takemycard in [info]valarnet

It's not even ten yet and somehow coffee is all over my desk along with a box, I think they are donuts, looks a little crusty to me.

I feel like I'm bring accidentally hazed or something.

Come to find out, my partner doings.


[info]the_wolverine in [info]valarnet

Considering buying out a microbrewery an' comin' up with my own flavors.

Something I ain't done yet, which is a change of pace.

Feb. 23rd, 2020

[info]ofevilsfire in [info]valarlogs

Who: Kory and Raven
What: Great British Bake Off and Dream talk
When: Recently
Where: Kory's
Warnings: Low
Status: Log | Complete

Have you seen those post about dreams? You’ve had some? )

[info]wolfgirl in [info]valarlogs

Who: Hayley and Elijah
Where: Elijah's place
What: Hayley staying over
When: NOW!
Rating: Meduim?
Open: No.

When I think of love I think of you )

[info]starfire in [info]valarcomm

Elijah Mikaelson

>> My name is Kory Anders
>> I got your name from an associate that I just had drinks with.
>> Are you by chance accepting new clients?

[info]youreadamnfool in [info]valarnet

Got a recommendation from some colleagues to post here. My name is Leonard McCoy, and I'm a doctor at West Anaheim Medical Center. I'm new to town and looking for some things to do with a teenage boarding school student since my daughter is stuck here too. Also, any place to drown my sorrows would be nice, too.

[info]distressing in [info]valarcomm

texts to Adora

[sent early sunday morning]
» Going surfing!
» If I don't text back by 3pm
» I have been murdered.
» Please take care of Scooby
» ❤❤❤

[info]awcoffee in [info]valarnet

in the midst of recovering from my latest idiocy which happens to mean not doing more dumb shit.

looking for netflix recommendations so i don't pickle my liver instead.

[info]__spiderman in [info]valarnet

So moving across the country seemed like such a good idea at the time but I've got lost on campus twice and I have three classes to make up reading in because even though the class is similar they've covered different things.

My brain's fried.

Also, hi. I'm Peter Parker, nice to meet you all :)

[info]renegadeson in [info]valarlogs

Who: TJ Hammond & Eddie Brock
What: Late night visit
When: After this
Where: Eddie's apartment
Rating/Warnings: TBD | Will update if needed
Status: In Progress | GDoc

Confidence was in equal parts look and attitude as well as walking as if you belonged  )

[info]flyboydameron in [info]valarnet

I still don't understand how it's possible for things to pass over from dreams. I don't understand it and yet, it's apparently happened to me now. As if my mother dying, in my dreams, wasn't torture enough, her wedding ring that she gave me, before she died, was on my nightstand when I woke up this morning. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with it. It's weird since my mother is still very much alive, in real life and this clearly isn't her wedding ring. This is all just too fucking much.

And to add to all of this, apparently I went through a rebellious teenager phase and became a spice runner and for anyone asking what that means, it basically means I was smuggling space drugs. I mean, seriously? Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? Sometime after that though, I guess I got over my rebellious phase and joined the New Republic Defense Fleet, which is basically the space navy. That at least makes sense since I was in the real Navy, in real life.

I think I need a drink. Is two in the morning too late or early to start drinking?

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